At our last meeting we discussed:

1) FAST (Fast Action Stops Torture)

--- We received this information about FAST at the meeting and
encourage Moravian Amnesty International Club members to check
it out.

* Amnesty International has launched a new online network -- FAST - as
part of its worldwide campaign to stop torture. As soon as Amnesty
International hears about an imminent threat of torture, FAST sends out
an alarm to its network of activists around the globe.
Within hours, the threat of torture is exposed. Once exposed, it is
impossible to carry out. When you sign up with FAST, you transform your
computer, cell phone, hand held or pager into an instant action tool -- a
tool with power to save thousands of people from the horrors of torture.
You also become a part of a worldwide community of activists determined
to prove that human rights violations can -- and will -- be stopped.

2) We are still in the process of ordering the Amnesty International
t-shirts to sell; thanks to Dr.. Brown, our advisor, the t-shirts should
within the next couple of weeks. We will let everyone know when we are
ready to sell them, as we will need members to sell them in the Kiosk
when the time comes.

3) In honor of Human Rights Day, Amnesty is planning to sponsor a study
break which will be open to all Moravian Students. We will serve snacks
and beverages and pass around Urgent Action petitions. I believe this
event will take place December 11th, during our Reading Day, but I will
send out another email when the date and time has been confirmed.

4) We are still waiting to hear from Sandy Bloom, a psychiatrist, who we
would like to have speak at Moravian College next semester. Due to the
war and the September 11th tragedies, she has been very busy but we
will let everyone know when she responds.

-- We have not yet set a date for our next meeting, but will notify you as
soon as we do. Thanks!!!!!! I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving

~Emily Goodman, Moravian's Amnesty International Club Secretary
- stelg02@moravian.edu
ext 6137

Amnesty International, Moravian College, 1200 Main St., Bethlehem PA 18018