“Our past is rich and our present strong…” these words have been repeated by hundreds of ‘OGO’ brothers throughout their years. ‘OGOs’ history at Moravian College is well in-grained, the Beta chapter being formed here only a single year after the original Omicron Gamma Omega was started at the University of Virginia. Here is a brief history of OGO 1920 - Alpha chapter is founded at University of Virginia 1921 - Student transfers to Moravian, founds Beta Chapter 1949 - OGO brothers adopt OGO the Greyhound and begin the Greyhound adoption tradition 1957 - OGO becomes first fraternity with a permanent residence on campus at 1305-1307 Main St. 1961 - First OGO cannon is built 1966 – Transferring from Moravian College, James Wallace Paul founds the Gamma chapter at Millersville College. 2000 - OGO is kicked off campus 2003 - OGO is re-founded on campus by Matt Sprague, Michael Grillo, Jeremy Onorato, Anthony Merz, and Matt Smyth.