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Rho Eta's Point System for active members

(as adopted by the membership, Fall 2004, and modified, Spring 2005)

In order to maintain active status, a member must attain twenty (20) points per year. Points are awarded in the following manner:

  1. One (1) point per general meeting attended. With fifteen (15) meetings in a year, this leaves five (5) points to be gained from other activities. Excused absences must be communicated by email prior to the meeting. Emails must sent directly to the chapter secretary, who will forward them to the head of the Point Committee. Acceptable excuses include illness, family emergencies, academic trips, and athletic competitions. Those absentees who are excused will receive 1 point for the meeting missed. In addition, in each academic year each member is entitled to one (1) "freebie" point for an unexcused absence.

  2. Students studying abroad are exempt from chapter point requirements during the semester they are abroad. However, during the last two semesters in which study abroad students are at Moravian full time, they are required to attain the full amount of points; that is, twenty (20) over the course of those two semesters.

    Student teachers must follow the same guidelines as students studying abroad.

  3. One (1) point for being present at any given extra-meeting activity, such as inductions, seminars, and fund-raising events. For each event staffed by a chapter member, one-half (0.5) point will be awarded for each half hour (30 minutes) of duty; this is the smallest unit that will be awarded. Typical seminars as well as longer events such as hikes and field trips will be worth one (1) point unless otherwise decided by the membership.

    Any member (or inductee) attending a Rho Eta induction ceremony will receive one (1) point; those members (or inductees) bringing one or more guests to the ceremony will be awarded one (1) additional point.

  4. We allot two (2) points for chairing a committee and one (1) point for participating in designated committee activities. Points will continue to be awarded to committee members and committee heads. However, those that signed up to serve on a committee must fulfill their obligations to the committee and the chapter. Add to this clause, "If there is a question whether committee chairs or members are meeting their obligations, the officers and chapter advisor will decide whether these points will be awarded.

  5. Each officers' meeting will count for one (1) point.

  6. Points are carried over through 1 academic year (from fall to spring). It is recommended that each member attain 10 points per semester because 20 points are required per academic year. However, if a member cannot attain the 10 points in the fall semester, he/she can make up the additional points the following spring semester.

  7. In order to obtain cords each member must have accumulated 32 points before their graduation date. Please feel free to contact Dalia Omran in order to figure out your current point totals.

  8. Officers are aware that there are special circumstances that are outside of your control. Please don't hesitate to bring any concerns or questions to us.

Balanos Boudetase Boax

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