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Rho Eta's Point System for active members

(as adopted by the membership, Fall 2004, and modified, Spring 2015)

In order to maintain active status, a member must attain thirty-five (35) points before graduation.

  1. One (1) point per general meeting attended.

  2. One (1) point for being present at any given extra-meeting activity, such as inductions, seminars, and fundraising events. For each event staffed by a chapter member, one-half (0.5) point will be awarded for each half hour (30 minutes) of duty; this is the smallest unit that will be awarded. Typical seminars as well as longer events such as field trips will be worth one (1) point unless otherwise decided by the membership.

  3. Each officer meeting will count for one (1) point.

  4. Conducting biological research by completing a SOAR project, independent study or honors project and presenting the findings to the chapter will earn five (5) points. Presenting work is required in order to earn the points.

  5. In order to obtain cords, each member must have accumulated at least 35 points before their graduation date. Please feel free to contact any Tri-Beta officer in order to figure out your current point totals.

  6. Officers are aware that there are special circumstances that are outside of your control. Please don't hesitate to bring any concerns or questions to us.

Balanos Boudetase Boax

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