2012-2013 Executive Branch

Cody Florindi, Treasurer, Julie Rodrigues, Events Council Chair, Mark Wunderly, Vice President, Emmy Usera, President, Ericka Blair, Director of Public Relations, Melissa Andreas, Historian, Katelyn Weiss, Chief of Staff
Not Pictured: Gelmar Moraga

Welcome to the Executive Branch! The Executive branch is fundamental in USG, as it serves as a liaison between students and the administration. More specifically, the Executive makes visible changes on campus by instituting new policies, conducting the budget process for clubs/organizations, organizing the annual concert/prestigious speaker, devising and implementing all initiatives, and continually engineering new ways to improve life on campus for students.

Lead by the President, members of this division include the Vice President, Treasurer, Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Chief of Staff,, and Comptroller, in addition to the Events Council.

Overall, the primary goal of the Executive Branch is build a stronger connection with students by vocalizing their concerns and working collaboratively with the administration to plan and implement changes.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me at


Emmy Usera, '13
Student Body President

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