Emmy Usera, '13

Hello Students!

My name is Emmy Usera and I have the honor of serving as Moravian College's Student Body President. I am a currently a senior, majoring in Sociology with a concentration in Law & Society and International Relations, minoring in Music. I continue to be passionate about enriching the student experience here at Moravian and am dedicated to ensuring that the student voice is represented as much as possible. Voluntary student inclusion in College affairs remains a consistent theme in my conversations with the administration and something that I will continue to champion. Other objectives for the year include forming partnerships to use ID cards at local establishments, developing a student satisfaction survey to gauge current attitudes, improving local transportation, and perhaps most importantly, strengthening the Moravian family through promoting community service, diversity, and student engagement.

One way that you can be active in helping us to achieve these goals is by connecting with myself or other members of the United Student Government (USG). If you have a question, ask it. If there is a comment that you feel is important to make, say it. If there is a meeting with administrators that are invited to all campus, I highly encourage you to attend. During my first half of the term as President, I have reactivated a campaign called SpeakUP! that was developed by former President Corey Koenig in 2010. This campaign is aimed to increase USG'S approachability and to prompt discussion regarding campus issues.

We are very accessible! Talk to members in class, stop by the USG Office in the Leadership Center (HUB), e-mail us at:, or connect with us via Facebook ( It is our top priority to support you. Help us do the best job that we can by supporting us. As you embark on a new year, I encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity to get involved, make connections, ask questions, and support your peers.

Emmy Usera, '13
Student Body President

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