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My name is Joe Perrino. I am a Junior at Moravian College studying Historical Studies and Secondary Education. Since early in high school I have been aspiring to become an educator and I look forward to entering the world of teaching upon graduation.

I was raised in Wall Township, New Jersey. I come from a close knit family of six: consisting of my mother, father, and four brothers. As a child, I spent much of my time at the beach, hanging out with friends, and participating in athletics.

I graduated in 2008 and went on to attend Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Although I knew that I wanted to become an educator, I was unsure about which subject area to study. I originally came into school intending on pursuing a degree in English. After taking an introduction course to American History, I discovered the passion for history that I hope to be able to pass on to my students.

During my time at Moravian I have participated in multiple organizations. As a freshman and sophomore, I competed in the varsity lacrosse program as a Greyhound athlete. When the budget disallowed the program to continue any further, I helped start the Moravian Lacrosse Club, which allows me to compete in the sport against other NCAA clubs. After competing in a highly competitive application and interview process, I also became a member of the Moravian Ambassador Program, called the Twenty Six Points Organization. As a member of this organization, I help the
admissions office at Moravian College by giving tours to
prospective students and helping spread the word about what
we do here at Moravian.

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