Fall 2008:
Fountain Hill Elementary School

First Grade Welcome Class

The welcome classes at Fountain Hill Elementary are apart of a program that introduces new students into the daily routine of the school. This program also allows the school to take time to test the reading and math levels of each new student, as well as decide whether of not they will need additional assistance in any academic or emotional area as they continue along the curriculum. Once the student seems well adjusted, he or she is moved into a regular classroom. This program allows for a smooth transition for both the students and the school.
Within this field experience, I was able to develop and teach lessons on math patterns, explore nature and the changing leaves of autumn, as well as introduce an activity on teamwork. In each lesson, I chose to incorporate artistic elements to better engage the students. In addition to the lessons, the large diversity of students in the school allowed me to work with children from all walks of life and with a variety of needs.
Spring 2009:
Moravian Academy Upper School

Art Class

Working with motivated students in this highly prestigious school allowed me to experience a wide range of creativity in art. The availability of diverse resources gave each student the opportunity to create truly unique and deeply involved artistic projects. Student projects included abstract paintings to classical music, book making, still life drawings, dress making, and various acrylic painting projects.
Fall 2003 - Spring 2007:
Encore Dance Center

Teaching Assistant

Various classes; students ages 12-17

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Apart from taking classes, I assisted instructors in teaching various forms of dance. In the case of instructor absenses, I was required to take over and teach the class myself.

This opportunity helped direct my interests into teaching. Working with students in such a fun activity created a lasting impression on my life.

Fall 2003 - Spring 2005:
Moravian Church

Lititz, Pennsylvania

Sunday School

Throughout high school, I assisted Sunday School teachers and worked with students on activities in class. Projects included various mural paintings with local artist and Sunday School director.
Summer 2009 - Present
Encore Dance Center

Dance Camp Instructor

Students ages 4-6

As a dance camp instructor, I organize the arts and crafts portion of the program. Responsabilities include creating and teaching craft projects for the children as apart of a three day camp. Projets coorelate to dance and the camp theme.

Some projects include decorating tiaras, decorating wands, and decorating ballet skirts; all apart of the Princess Dance Camp.