Educational Experiences

Pocono Mountain School Disctrict


Name of School
Pocono Mountain East High School                                                                                          
City and State
 Swiftwater, Pa
Student Information
The students attending Pocono Mountain East H.S come from the more upscale social economic part of the Poconos. The school is always looking for ways to make improvements throughout the school community with a selection of organizations designed to help youth acheive future college graduation.
The students that I taught throughout my two years of full time substituting ranged from grade 9-12. They were not all on the same educational level with their curriculum comprehension. That was the chanlange for me daily. I had to bacsically teach a subject that I may not be too familiar with to a variety of students. In these calssrooms the sizes ranged anywhere from 10 students to 20+ students on any given day

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