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Throughout my life I have had the oppotunity to travel the world and meet thousands of different people all because of the game of basketball. When I first picked up a ball in 7th grade I didn't know that my future would lead me to so many different places. I never imagined that day when i fell in love with the game of basketball I was signning up for something way more important than just the game. That was the beginning stages of me becoming a leader and role model to countless youth that I never knew would be affected by my decisions and attitude in a positive manner. I pride myself on being motivation to anyone who has been told they can't acheive excelence in life because of your financial status and racial background.
I never imagined that it was possible for someone that grew up under the conditions that I did to attend college. I wasn't used to seeing guys from my neighborhood graduate high school and pursue a college degree. As time went on I started to develop a deeper love for the game of basketball. It was my way of getting away from theproblems that were going on in my house and in the community. For three hours a day I was able to free my mind from everything and focus on becoming something special.
Ten years later as I look back on my journey that started in my friends back yard in 7th grade. I am truely proud of how far I have come and how far the game of basketball has taken me. I look forward to the next 30 years in this profession. I have acheived so much in this short period of time, I am anxious to see what the rest of my journey has in store.

Special thanks to the following men who have helped me turn my life into something I can be very proud of.

Joe Smith                             Youth Advocate/ Basketball Coach
Joe Jarjous                           High School Basketball Coach
Tom Dempsey                     Head Men's Basketball Coach/ Rider University
Justin Potts                          Assistant Men's Basketball Coach/ East Stroudsburg University
Robert Fleischman              Professor/Head of Sports Management Department/ East Stroudsburg University
Jeff Wilson                          Head Men's Basketball Coach/ East Stroudsburg University
Patriick Heaton                   History Teacher/ Head Boy's Basketball Coach/ Pocono Mountain East H.S

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