Educational Experience

My first Early Field Experience placed me at Ritter Elementary in the Allentown School District.  I was placed with the school's art teacher, Mrs. Miller.  Even though I am not an art major, this was a great experience. Mrs. Miller allowed me to be completely hands on; therefore I assisted the student’s everyday. I was able to work with every grade K through 5, which allowed me the opportunity to see the diversity of all the students.

My second Field Experience placed me in a 1st grade classroom at Thomas Jefferson Elementary in the Bethlehem Area School District.  My cooperating teacher, Mrs. Mellor, utilized having me in her classroom every moment I was there.  Never once, did I just sit and observe.  It was full hands-on right from the beginning and it was an incredible experience!  In the mornings I would lead the children through the morning routine.  I assisted students with the lessons of the day and any and all projects.  I worked with a guided reading group once a week.  The most rewarding aspect of this experience was working with a student who had ADHD.  He and I worked one and one each day I was there.  In the beginning of the school year, his alphabet was extremely limited.  My objective was to teach him a new letter each week.  To see how far he came in 12 weeks was amazing. Even though it was not a requirement, Mrs. Mellor allowed me to create and teach a full lesson to the students. My experience at T.J. just reinforced my desire to become an elementary classroom teacher.

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