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My first field experience was at Northeast Middle School. I was placed in the 8th grade Learning Support class, which gave me the opportunity to work with students who needed extra help in certain subject areas. On days where my cooperating teacher did not have a class, she sent me to a Reading class, where I helped with individual students complete their assignments.

The next semester, I completed a field experience for my education class at Clearview Elementary in 3rd grade. My cooperating teacher and class challenged me to accommodate a very diverse group of students. In the same semester, I also went to Fountain Hill Elementary to teach a 1st grade class about bullying for my Perspective on Youth Violence course at Moravian.

My next field experience was completed at Broughal Middle School in the Emotional Support class for 6-8th grade. This had to be my most challenging, but also most rewarding, experience I've have thus far. In this classroom, I was able to see a variety of diverse learners with multiple learning disabilities. I learned a lot of patience in this classroom, but also how to take control of situations with unruly students.
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