I am a junior at Moravian College. I am an English Secondary Education major. I graduated from Holy Cross High School located in Waterbury, Connecticut in 2009, where I was part of the National Honor Society.

theatre pictureBesides dancing for fourteen years, I also had some other interests that occupied me. All throughout high school and college, I was interested in theatre. I was part of Holy Cross Student Theatre and won Dancer of the Year my senior year. HCST was a family and I was very glad to be part of it. I was a dancer in The King and I, Man of La Mancha, and Barnum. I did some singing and acting as well. I also helped out with stage crew for Pirates of Penzance, doing stage makeup and costumes.

I came to Moravian and joined the Moravian College Theatre Company. I developed the sdoorame connection with the people in the company as I did in my high school theatre group. I was part of multiple projects. I was stage hand for many plays my freshman year, and I took a chance and did some dancing, singing, and acting in the Student Cabaret freshman and junior year. I hope to take my experience with theatre with me through my educational experiences and incorporate what I know into what I teach.

In my sophomore  and junior year at college, I had the amazing opportunity to be a Resident Advisor, where I mostly interacted with the freshman class. Next year, as a senior, I will be a Senior Resident Advisor in the same building I was in all of my college experience. The leadership opportunity provided me with patience, as well as the ability to take control of many stressful and chaotic situations.

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