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I have lived in Bethlehem, PA for my entire life.  I have been


fortunate enough to live in the same house with both of my parents and my two younger brothers for my entire life.  I attended St. Anne School from Pre-School until 8th grade and then attended Liberty High School.  I also played baseball from when I was six until I was seventeen.  At this time, I began coaching my younger brotherŐs baseball team and have been coaching ever since.  I played most of my baseball at North Central Little League and still remain active in the League to this day.  Every year, I help with fundraising for the League, field maintenance, coaching, and umpiring. 


Sea IsleSince I was a child, my parents have rented a house in Sea Isle City, NJ for the summer.  I have enjoyed spending my summers at the beach.  It is one of my favorite places to go.  I have also enjoyed the time that I get to spend with my extended family who also rent the same house.  My family also owns a boat and I enjoy going fishing and crabbing during the summer.




One hobby of mine is photography.  I have been taking pictures since I was ten and have gotten very good.  Most of my family and my extended family also enjoy taking pictures and we are constantly trying to outdo each other.  Most of the pictures that I take are of landscapes or of my family.


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