All About Me!

My name is Emily Simpers and I am a junior at Moravian College.  I grew up in Haddonfield, which is a small historical town in South Jersey.  I am a member of Kapa Delta Pi, KDP, which is an Educational Society.  This past summer I had two great job opportunities that have helped myself learn even more as an aspiring teacher.  I worked at the First Presbyterian Preschool in Haddonfield, New Jersey, as an assistant teacher for their summer session.  Along with that opportunity, I was the head of Haddonfield’s Summer Recreation Tot lot Program for children going into Kindergarten.  This was a six-week program that I designed more relaxed lesson plans for the children every day with a different theme per day.  This program helps students adapt to the change from the preschool into the kindergarten classroom that they will be a part of in the fall.  I also have been a nanny for a family in Haddonfield.  I started out as a mother’s helper for them eight years ago, then was their babysitter, and now a part time nanny during the breaks from semester to semester.

I always say that I was to teach first or second graders, but I fell in love with the kindergarteners and the fourth graders when I was doing my field experience with them previous semesters.  The experience I have had thus far has made it hard for me to pinpoint which level I want to teach the most.  I am overly excited to be with the first graders at Moravian Academy this semester.  These field experiences truely helped me know that I am on the right path in my life and that I was meant to be a teacher.


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