Student Links

                  Reading Links
Starfall starfall A helpful website for kids focusing on reading skills!
scholastic Scholastic has a great list of books that all children will love!
Storyline Online
storyline A great website where you can listen to famous people read your favorite stories online

                  Science Links
Nasa's kid's club science website for kids!  This link allows students to go right to a fun game to review patterns.
brainpop Brainpop is a helpful science website that is organized into categories that is easy for students to navigate!
Fact Monster
Fact Monster provides students with major information about specifc topics.  This link displays the important information students should know about the five kingdoms of life!

                  Math Links
AAAMath math A helpful math website for students!
Math Playground
mathpg A helpful math word problem thinking block activity for students!
aplusmath A website to help students review math addition using flashcards!

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