Here are some great websites that can help my students during my class with readings, homework, and other English related things!

Read, Write, Think
read write think
A Place to read, write, and think!
A textbook companion site
homework spot
Homework help for High School English Students
Awesome Library
awesome library logo A great website for resources. Just click on English or Literature!
Finding Dulcinea
finding dulcinea Reliable Internet Libararian
Free Rice
free rice
Quizzes on vocabulary and other English subjects. For every 10 answers right, 10 grains of rice are donated to help end hunger.
OWL logo MLA format and Writing Tools and Tips
Information You Can Trust
IPL logo A Reliable Seach Engine for English Literature
Grammar Help
grammar logo Grammar and Writing Tips for the English Student
A Website for aspiring poets and poetry help

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