Sample English
Lesson Plans

Direct Instruction Lesson Plan
This lesson plan was designed for a 7th grade academic English or Writing Class. The lesson centers around teaching my students how to write a well-developed essay. Starting in middle school, students will be asked to write essays of all kinds, so teaching them the proper way to do so would be very beneficial. It is a direct instruction lesson plan because I feel it would be the best way to teach this information.

Constructivism Lesson Plan
This lesson plan was developed for a 10th grade English course. In this lesson, I took a poem and taught the concepts of theme, mood, and tone. I thought by making it a constructivist lesson, learning these concepts would be more fun and also more memorable to the students.

Discussion Lesson Plan
This last lesson plan is the most different from a regular lesson plan. The lesson revolves around discussion, so it is more laid back. My students were also my college education class. I picked an article I wanted the students to read about something discussed previously in class and led a discussion on it.

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