I work in a wide variety of mediums as each can produce a very different and fascinating outcome. I am particularly fond of ceramics and painting because of the way that those materials are so easily manipulated. The change that you can impose upon artwork in clay or paint mediums is immense in just a few seconds. It is amazing how the look and feel of the entire work can change instantly.

Searching Line Drawing            Toned Paper Drawng
Untitled, Searching Line in Pencil               Purse, Charcoal on Toned Paper
Color Painting            Sister painting
Color Exploration, Oil Painting                  Sisters, Acrylic Painting
Swing Photo            Baby photo
Swings, Silver Gelatin Print                       Aiden, Salt Print
Ceramics and Sculpture
Pitcher with Flowers            plaster Sculpture
Flower Pitcher, Wheel Thrown Clay     Untitled, Plaster covered Wire
Cupcake Print            Collagraphs
Cupcake, Solarplate Print              Textures, Collagraph Printing

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