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Farmersville Elementary
Farmersville Elementary School
Fall 2009 - Kindergarten - Mrs. McCauley
I was able to see many of the Basal teaching methods and reading strategies being used in the classroom.  Some of the activities I was able to assist with were guided reading, kid writing, and basic assessments such as letter recognition. Shown on the right is a math game for learning sight words before a guided reading lesson.
F math game
northeast middle school
Northeast Middle School

Spring 2010 - 7th Grade Reading Specialist - Mrs. Kennedy

I was able to see a wide range of reading strategies and instructional decisions regarding modification of content, instruction, and product.  I worked with three different Literacy Development groups on a Treasure Island unit. The tri-fold shown on the right gave students a visual connection to the location of the characters and kept track of the good guy to bad guy ratio throughout the story.

NE with trifold