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My name is Lorraine Soos.  I am currently enrolled in the post baccalaureate teacher certification program at Moravian College.  After a successful business career, I begin my journey of fulfilling my dream of becoming a professional teacher.  Education has always been an important part of my life.  My early years were guided by my father who emphasized the power of learning.  He believed that oneÕs life could always be improved through education.  My hard work and education led to a successful business life.  I now hope to be able to share my belief in the power of education with others.  I want to be able to motivate my students to achieve higher goals than they expect in themselves.


I have had opportunities in the corporate world to teach and mentor young adults including conducting business seminars in a classroom setting.  I gained satisfaction knowing I was helping someone learn.  It reinforced my wish to become a teacher.


I hope to instill in others the value of education; to be able to help young people recognize that success can be achieved through hard work.  I hope to be the kind of teacher who shows students that there is excitement in learning.  ItÕs an idealistic view but I hope to be able to Ōgive backÕ.  Education was such an important part of my life and I hope to teach its importance to others.


bookworm         Quick Facts about me
  • Married for fifteen years
  • Live in Stewartsville, NJ
  • Have a personal library of children's books
  • Love reading and traveling
  • Baseball is my passion


Knowledge is Power!


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