My Educational Experiences



 Middle Prep Literacy Program

Carole Schachter

 5th Grade

My early field experience was at the Middle Prep Literacy Program, formerly known as Regional Academic Standards Academy (RASA).  The RASA program was designed as an early intervention program for students below grade level in language arts and mathematics.  More than half the students in the program were English Language Learners.


My cooperating teacher, Mrs. Schachter was the technology teacher for program. Throughout the day, three teams of fifth graders came in and out of her classroom where the focus was on using computer technology to engage the students in learning.  One program used was Read 180, an interactive teaching program that combines a high-interest lexile-leveled library of paperbacks, audio books and group lessons.


This experience gave me the opportunity to work with the studentsŐ one on one and in small groups.  I also assisted the students as they developed electronic biographies using Macintosh Keynote.  The experience helped reinforce my decision to pursue my dream and become a teacher.




 Church of the Annunciation

CCD Program

3rd Grade

On a weekly basis, I volunteer at my church and teach CCD to third graders.  I am always amazed at how much the students already know and how excited they are to learn.  Along with the children, I learn something new every week whether it is in preparing the lesson or in the interaction with the class.  I believe in encouraging open communication and class participation.

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