Educational Experiences
I have taught and tutored at various locations around the Lehigh Valley. The following highlighted experiences detail what I have learned, and gathered from these opportunities, beginning with the most recent.

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Nitschmann Middle School

My first semester attending Moravian consisted of my Nitschmann Middle School field experience with Mr. Rodenbach. He taught science and language arts. I taught two mini lessons pertaining to close readings and articles. This was an interesting field experience unlike like any other that I experienced. There was another student teacher in the room, so I was not only able to learn from my co-op, but also the student teacher and how she was carrying herself.

Freedom High School

In the Fall of 2012, I taught my persuasion and research unit to ninth grade honor students. I taught for two blocks, therefore, I taught my unit two times. This was extremely helpful as I was able to immediately make corrections, and discover what worked and what didnŐt work. These modifications allowed me to enhance my unit to its fullest capability. This was my pre-student teaching experience. My cooperating teacher, Mrs. Wieand, was extremely helpful and provided a great amount of assistance in not only the development of my unit, but also my growth as an educator. This experience was perhaps one of my favorites because I had the most amount of hours with these students. I was able to get to know them in a short amount of time. I hope I have another experience like this one again. 

Liberty High School

Within that same semester, I was placed with various grade levels who needed assistance with their English speaking skills. My cooperating teacher was Mrs. Colon. This experience was tutor-focused. As a result, I was paired one-on-one with certain individuals. While I worked with almost every student in the class, I was mostly paired with two students. The first student struggled with not only personal issues, but also greatly struggled with how the English language works. The second student also struggled with English, but also behavioral issues. I taught two lessons which took up the whole class period. These lessons involved analyzing an article and relating it back to the students themselves. Overall, this experience helped me with communicating and working with ESOL students.