Sample Lesson Plan
(from Persuasion and Research Unit)

Lesson Plan - DAY 1 (Introduction)

A.  UNIT: Persuasion

B.  STUDENTS: (24) and (23) 9th grade honor students


   Identify where persuasion is used

   Identify how persuasion is used (characteristics, observations, techniques)

   Define persuasion:

   Identify purpose of persuasion

   Utilize terms related to persuasive writing in classroom activity and discussion


   CC.1.5.9-10.A Initiate and participate effectively in a range of collaborative discussions on grades level topics, texts, and issues, building on others’ ideas and expressing their own clearly and persuasively.

   CC.1.5.9-10.D Present information, findings, and supporting evidence clearly, concisely, and logically such that listeners can follow the line of reasoning; ensure that the presentation is appropriate to purpose, audience, and task.



1.  Say: “Before we begin, I am going to show a clip. As you are watching the clip, please determine what the purpose of the video is.”

2.  Present YouTube clip - ShamWow commercial / Pass out worksheet for video

a.  Go over worksheet. Note observations on the board

4.  “With that being said, what is persuasion?”

a. Write what students think persuasion is. Make a list of their definitions on the board

5. If there are multiple answers, point out the comparisons.

            a. Say: “Using these comparisons, what would be an appropriate definition of persuasion?”

            b. Write student-formulated definition on the board. Keep this definition on the board. DO NOT ERASE

6. Say: “Today we are going to discuss persuasive writing. By the end of today’s lesson, you will be able to define persuasive writing (which we just did), identify how and where it is used, and identify the purpose of persuasion.”



1.  Ask: “Where do you see persuasion being used?”

a.  Possible answers: TV, internet, highways, radio, daily encounters, mall center stations, everywhere!

b.  Say: “Persuasion is used all around us. Therefore, it is important to learn how to provide an effective persuasive argument. There are many different elements to writing a persuasive essay or proving your point in some other form. Today, we will be focusing on one key element.”

2.  Pass out “State Your Stance” worksheets.

3.  Say: “The central element of a persuasive essay to state your position and stick to your position. You cannot flip sides back and forth. The only time where you can mention another viewpoint is if you are making a counterargument which we will discuss on Monday. For now, fill out this worksheet and only pick ONE.”

4.  Students fill out worksheets.

5.  Remind students to explain their reasoning for their decision.

6.  Class discussion about reasoning for answers.

7.  Make table on board to note student responses

8.  Ask: “Was it difficult to pick a stance for some questions?” and/or “Was it difficult to explain your stance?”

9.  Say: “Now that you guys learned how to pick a side. We’re going to move on to developing a persuasive argument. I’m going to be passing out candy. You may eat the candy but ONLY AFTER you’ve completed this worksheet.”

10.           Pass out worksheet and candy

11.            Say: “Before you begin, I want you to pick ONE partner. Each pair of partners will be given two different pieces of candy. Each person will be trying to persuade his or her partner that their piece of candy is better. Be sure to make three claims about the candy and provide support for your claim. For example, if I’m trying to persuade “student name,” I would say: “The flavor in this piece of candy is mouthwatering. Upon eating this candy, your taste buds will jump for joy as the chocolate melts in your mouth.”

a.  Listening to my example, what was my claim and how did I support it?

         Say: “Now that you have been given an example of how to perform this assignment, choose a partner and be sure to write down the conversation between you and your partner. Note the claims being used as well as the support being described.”

         Walk around while students are working.

         This activity may take anywhere from 15-30 minutes.

         Once students are finished, ask two different pair of partners to “persuade the class” to eat their piece of candy using the claims and support they discussed in the activity.

         If there is not enough time, begin activity and hold it off for the next class period. Students may eat the candy but tell them to note distinct characteristics if they choose to touch upon them.


1.  Pass out exit slip.

2.  “What is the purpose of persuasion? Give an example of where persuasion is used? (other than the ShamWow commercial.”

3.  Collect exit slips before students leave

(If there is not enough time for the exit slip, save this exit slip for the warm up the next day)


*Approximate lesson time: 50 minutes - 80 minutes


G.  CURRICULAR MATERIAL --> YouTube clip (ShamWow commercial)

   Computer/ laptop

   Video Worksheet

   Projector/SMART Board (for clip)


   “State Your Stance” Worksheet

   Blackboard or Whiteboard


   Exit Slip (if time permitted)


   Visual representation of definitions and student-generated definition

   Communicate expectations

   Visual representation through YouTube clip

   Provide rationales

   Providing feedback

   Graphic organizer

   Partner activity


   Students are evaluated by being asked questions throughout the lessons

   Students are being evaluated when the teacher walks around during small group work and individual work to listen to and observe responses

   Students are evaluated by student responses (volunteering to share activity)

   Students are evaluated through the exit slip







                                                                                    Name: ______________________

Date: ____________

ShamWow Persuasive Techniques


1.  How does he keep your attention throughout the video?








2.  Does he provide examples? If so, list some of the examples he uses.











3.  What is the purpose of the video?








4. Who is his target audience?







Name: ____________________

State Your Stance


For each statement, choose one stance or the other. Write two to three sentences about why you chose that position. You MUST choose one stance for each question.


         Pen or pencil?






         Instagram or Twitter?






         Fall or Spring?






         Texting or talking on the phone?






         Football or basketball?






         TV or movies?






Scary or comedy?



Name: ________________

Convincing Candy Consumption Class Exercise


Each pair of partners will be given two different pieces of candy. Your job is to “sell” your piece of candy. You need to persuade your partner that your piece of candy is better than your partner’s piece of candy. You must write down each claim and the support provided for each claim.






















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