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   After serving as captain of the varsity team at Moravian in 2006, my college coaching career began that summer, when I was hired as the Moravian College Men’s Basketball intern assistant coach.  This was a two year full time position.   My primary objective was to support the head basketball coach with the daily activities required for maintaining a successful college basketball program


   A major part of my efforts was to recruit prospective student athletes.  This required me to evaluate talent, and most of all to build and maintain strong relationships.  Being successful in this area required me to consistently travel to the homes and high schools of potential recruits while constantly networking with families and coaches. 

   I also took a major role in monitoring the academic progress of our team members.   I conducted regular individual meetings with players to discuss the progress of their class work.  I also set up academic aid and often personally tutored players in a variety of subjects.

   All of these job functions were performed in addition to coaching the student athletes on the basketball court.  Through our teaching we took pride in developing our players academically, athletically, and personally.

   Our efforts were rewarded when our 2008 team became only the second in school history to play in the NCAA tournament.  It is my belief that numerous members of that team that would not have found the same success on the court and in classroom without the teaching and mentoring of our coaching staff. When my internship ended in 2008 I continued my coaching career as a part time assistant coach, and still perform a majority of the same tasks on a daily basis.

   I completed my bachelor’s degree from Moravian College in 2006 with a major in business management and a minor in history.  I continued my education at Moravian in the graduate program and completed my Masters in Business Administration in the spring of 2009.


   Throughout my college career I have taken several education classes and completed a field study in the classroom.

   Although I have a strong background in business, it is the subject of history that I have strong passion to teach.  My expertise in history includes American, Greek and Roman history, and medieval history.  I have also been trained in several types of history including social, cultural, and religious history.

   The areas of business that I aspire to teach are developing business competencies, teamwork, and marketing.  I have studied all of these areas in both my undergraduate and graduate work.

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