Educational Experiences

In addition to my field experience with Moravian College, I have worked with children in a number of different settings. In high school, I was a junior counselor for three weeks at a church camp, where I worked with students in elementary and middle school. I also taught swim lessons and Sunday School lessons as a senior in high school. In eighth grade, I received babysitting training, and I babysat for different neighborhood children during high school as well. My positive experiences working with elementary aged students through high school inspired me to become an elementary teacher.

At Moravian, I have completed field experiences at four different schools in the Bethlehem and Allentown School districts. I've been in third grade at Marvine Elementary School, in kindergarten at Lincoln Elementary School, in third grade at Ritter Elementary School, and in fourth grade at Clearview Elementary School. These field experiences have given me many teaching opportunities and have prepared me to student teach next semester.

Spring 2009
Early Field Experience
40 hours
Marvine Elementary School: Third Grade
At Marvine, I worked one-on-one with students. I also helped my cooperating teacher grade papers and copy worksheets for the class. This was my first experience in the classroom, and I learned a lot about working with different kinds of people.
Fall 2009
Early Field Experience
40 hours
Lincoln Elementary School: Kindergarten
I thoroughly enjoyed working with kindergarten students at Lincoln Elementary School. I taught one reading lesson and helped the teacher. I observed the children learning to identify phonemes and new words. It is an exciting grade because the students are just beginning their educational journey.
Spring 2011
Pre-Student Teaching
90 hours
Ritter Elementary School: Third Grade
For my pre-student teaching experience, I worked in a classroom with nine English language learners and five students with other learning disabilities. I taught fifteen lessons and a guided reading lesson each day. Since I was in the school every day, I enjoyed working with the students on a daily basis. I really connected with them and was able to create very unique and individualized lessons for them.
Fall 2011
Early Field Experience
40 hours
Clearview Elementary School: Fourth Grade
This semester, I am working with fourth grade students. The experience is very different from other semesters because my original cooperating teacher became ill was unable to complete the semester with me. Luckily, I was able to stay in the same classroom with a long-term substitute. I have learned a lot about flexibility. I taught three lessons about literacy.


My cooperating teacher took these pictures during my pre-student teaching experience in the spring semester of 2011. I was working in a third grade classroom at Ritter Elementary School in the Allentown School District.

Ritter1    Ritter2

These pictures were taken during the fall semester of 2011. I was placed in a fourth grade classroom at Clearview Elementary School in the Bethlehem Area School District.

Clearview 1     Clearview2

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