About Miss Taylor

Miss TaylorMiss Taylor is a senior at Moravian College and is on track to receive her BA in Music with a concentration in Elementary Education in May 2011.  She is heavily involved on campus holding positions of leadership in the music department, theater company, and Residence Life.  Her experiences within Residence Life have helped shape her path to become an effective educator by organizing various programs for students to expand their horizons and grow as individuals. 

Miss Taylor has also grown as a musician during her college career and ended this year with a successful Senior Music Recital performing pieces by Strauss, Satie, and various musical theater pieces.  The theater company has also been instrumental in her growth as a leader with opportunities performing, stage managing, directing, and acting as company manager this season.

Future plans for Miss Taylor include working in the classroom, and going on to earn her Masters Degree in either Reading or Special Education.

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