Educational Experiences
Bethlehem Area School District

My first educational experience at Moravian College was at William Penn Elementary School.  At William Penn, I observed Ms. Sevart's fourth grade classroom.  This experience was eye-opening because William Penn has an open classroom concept floorplan.  I was able to see and hear the various grades from her classroom because there are not any walls.
William Penn Elementary School
Hanover Elementary School
My second observation was at Hanover Elementary School where I observed Mrs. Masemore's Kindergarten morning class.  I absolutely loved the time I spent with Kindergarten. This experience reassured my dreams of becoming an elementary school teacher and making a difference in the lives of others.
Currently, in the fall of 2010, I am observing Mrs. Pastor's third grade at Miller Heights Elementary School.  Mrs. Pastor is an amazing role model and an excellent teacher.  It has been fascinating to see students' skills develop.  Throughout my time at Miller Heights, I am witnessing the third graders become better students.
Miller Heights Elementary School
America ReadsThe Salvation Army Also new to me in the fall of 2010 is my volunteering experience at the Salvation Army through the America Reads program.  A few times a week, I attend the Salvation's after-school program where I help students of all ages, ethnicities, and educational backgrounds do their homework.  I also help them create crafts and play games.  I have enjoyed my experience with the students and hoped to have inspired them all.

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