My Educational Experiences

William Penn Elementary School
Mrs. Muth
william penn
My first experience was with kindergarteners at local William Penn Elementary School. Since this was my first experience, I mainly assisted Mrs. Muth and made sure that the students were listening and understanding the concepts. I would often walk around and work one on one with the students that were struggling.
Moravian Academy Lower School
Mrs. Compter
3rd Grade
moravian academy My second experience was with Mrs. Compter's third grade class at Moravian Academy Lower School. I noticed an immediate change when I walked in on the first day. Since it was a private school, the teachers were free to create their own curriculum. This was the first time I had seen Smart Board technology used with primary grades. It was very interesting to see the students respond to the new technology. During my last week of experience I taught a lesson on Pablo Picasso and had the students create their very own self portraits in his style.
Nitschmann Middle School
Mrs. Dendrinos
6th Grade
nitschmann middle school
I just finished my third experience at Nitschmann Middle School. I continued my trend of going up three grades and found myself at the sixth grade level. These students were drastically different than anything I had ever encountered before because of their age. I taught two lessons at this experience. One was comparing fiction and nonfiction using Venn Diagrams. My second lesson was with a small group of students. Their test scores indicated that they were struggling with making inferences and drawing conclusions, so I focused my lesson on that. I made sure that my lesson addressed multiple learners and was fun so that the material would stick better in their minds.

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