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Phillipsburg Middle School

 I have been working in the field of education since April of 2004 in various capacities.  After I graduated with a B.A. in History, I wanted to work in the field before attaining my teaching certification.  I immediately began working as a substitute teacher for the Phillipsburg School District.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that working with the middle school students was my niche.  The former principal at the Phillipsburg Middle School noticed my dedication and throughout the years that followed gave me several long-term substitute positions at that school. They are as follows:


While working at the Phillipsburg Middle School a colleague referred
me to apply for a position as a program facilitator at the 21rst Century
Federally funded afterschool program, REACH.  I was hired in January
2006.  I have worked for REACH every day during the school year as
well as at the summer program, which is a full day six week program
that runs from the beginning of July to mid August. At the start of the
2010-2011 school year I was promoted to Lead Facilitator.  I currently
oversee both the educational and recreational components of the
program.  Working with the students in this capacity has taught me
invaluable lessons about teaching students to be self motivated learners
by appealing to their interests and hobbies.  REACH has also enabled
me to attend numerous professional development workshops.  This
year they will be sending me to Washington D.C. for the second year
in a row.  I will be attending educational workshops on Capital Hill!

capitol hill

                               Please take a look at my Resume
  • March 2004-June 2004 8th grade Honors Algebra I
  • January 2006-June 2006 7th grade Spanish
  • November 2006-December 2006 7th grade Language Arts
  • January 2008-June 2008 7th grade Spanish
  • May 2010-June2010 6th grade Honors Language Arts; 7th grade Language Arts

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