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Teaching American Presidents


Museum of American History
Museum of American History

InteractiveWebsite dedicated to the Presidency


social studies for kids

Information on American Presidents in an easy format for all students

Brain Pop
Brain Pop

Find out facts about Thomas Jefferson, one of my absolute favorite presidents.

History as Science

Museum of Science wax seal of Leonardo da Vinci
Fascinating way to explore Leonardo da Vinci's life

American Museum of Natural History
natural history museum

An interactive archaelogical experience

Nutrients for Life
nutrients for life foundation

A new way to highlight current events.  Students envision ways to solve social challenges.
Famous Figures in History

Digital History
digital history
Students can look at images of artifacts from Frederick Douglas, a famous African American political mind.

This site is good for middle school and high school research papers for famous figures in Social Studies.  This link will show a page on William Shakespeare, though figures throughout the world and historical periods can be found.

The Famous People
the famous people
This is another educational link for middle and high school students who are seeking information for research papers. This link will take you to a page on William Wallace, however students will be able to find information on many figures throughout history.

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