Educational Links

Fun Brain
Additional practice with numbers and operations using interactive games.
Access to many different mathematical concepts according to grade level.  Each concept contains refresher lessons, games, and additional practice.
Enchanted Learning
This site allows for students to visually explore different science subjects such as plants, animals, and astronomy. 
Congress for Kids
Congress of Kids provides students with visual explanations as well as textual representations of historical documents.  Quizzes are also provided to challenge the student.
National Geographic
Students are able to travel outside of the classroom by using this website to explore different countries and cities throughout the world. 
PBS Kids

pbs kids
This site would be very beneficial to beginner readers.  The students are able to follow SuperWhy! on his adventures in discovering letter recognition and word formation.
Brain Pop
With Brain Pop students are able to learn about the human body and the way it works.  The site uses short video clips and pictorial representations for examples. 
BBC History
BBC History takes students on a journey beyond the borders of time.  The website breaks periods of history into sections for easy navigation. 
Arcademic Skill Builders
math game
This web site may be used to provide students with interactive math games in a competitive way.  Students are able to compete against one another. 

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