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"Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can; there will always come a time
when you will be grateful you did."
-Sarah Caldwell

                                                        !Hola!  My name is Maria Watson and I am a Comenius Student at Moravian College.  I am working on my Seconmy picdary Education Certification with a major in Spanish and Italian.  I hope to pursue a career in teaching language and furthermore ignite a passion for language in our youth as my parents instilled in me.parents



     I am a native of Bethlehem, however, both my parents are Portuguese immigrants.  They arrived in this country thirty-eight years ago and a few months later, I was born.  My parents new nothing of the English language, so, as you can imagine, what I knew was very minimal.  Portuguese was my first language.  I went to school flag
and learned English, however, speaking English was not
permitted in our house.  My parents wanted to raise my sisters and I in the Portuguese culture.  At the age of 10, I began attending every appointment with my parents, aunts and uncles who needed a translator with them. 
sisters                                                                                         porto
      I have two sisters, Margarida and Rosa,  who are truly my best friends.  We grew up in a very close family home and did everything together.  Growing up, my family frequented Portugal every year.  I was very fortunate to have traveled and stayed in many beautiful cities in Portugal.  My father had great pride in teaching us the history that existed throughout these cities.

      During my high school years, I attended Bethlehem Catholic High and was part of the Ke
y Club and D.A.R.E.  I also played girls’ soccer for all four years.  I later when on to complete my undergraduate course work in Psychology at Moravian College.  At that time, I had my son Julian and decided to take some time off to work and raise him.  During this time, a great sense of awareness came over me.  I realized that studying language was what I wanted to do all along.  I decided to go back to Moravian and pursue my teaching degree in Spanish. 
     Throughout my time at Moravian, I have become captivated by language once again.  Learning the history, culture and literature of Spain has inspired me to pursue other languages and cultures.  It has been and always will be embedded in my heart and I believe that studying other languages expands our own minds, our lives and our world. 

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