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I am currently a junior Historical Studies and Secondary Education major at Moravian College. I hope to graduate in May of 2013 with my Bachelors Degree and pursue a career of teaching at the high school level. Before coming to Moravian College I was part way through pursuing a B.S. in Political Science at American Unversity in Washington, DC.
Sara in Paris
One of my greatest passions is travelling. My most recent trip tok me to five cities in France, Germany, Austria, and Italy. My other interests lie across a wide spectrum. I am a politically active individual and have volunteered with state and national political campaigns. I am a music lover and have been playing piano and singing since the age of seven. I enjoy several out door sports, especially skiing and hiking.
Community service is an important part of my life as well. I have beeen trying to give as much back to my community for several years now. I began with Girl Scout projects that help to make donations of food, toys,  and cancer caps. An eventaully moved on to my Gold Award project which reviatlized the interior counrtyard at Pocono ountain East High School and crated an outdoor learning space for classroom to use. I am currently involved with Gamma Sigma Sigma, a national servie sorority, on campus. Through this organization I am able to give back to the Lehigh Valley commuity, which Moravian is a part of.
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