Educational Links

Below is a list of educational links that can be used by students to practice reading, math, and science skills.

Synonym Sam

This game will allow students to practice their knowledge of synonyms.
Go Rhyme!

A game from Brian P. Cleary about rhyming.
Funbrain: The Grammar Gorillas

Have students identify the parts of speech with this interactive game.

Adapted Mind

Counting by two, five, and ten.
Math Playground: Locate the Alian

This games gives students practice with identifying coordinates.
A+ Math: Subtraction

Students will answer subtractions problems correctly and reveal a hidden image.

National Geographic for Kids

This is an experiment with sound vibrations.
Bill Nye the Science Guy

Experiments on erosion and more.
NASA: The Solar System

Students will answer questions about the solar system and also learn addition information about the planets and stars in our solar system.