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My name is Michael Zubia and I am in Moravian College's post-baccalaureate teaching certification program.  Upon graduation I will be certified to teach Social Studies at the secondary level.  I have always had a passion to be a teach and I am looking forward to the day when I will have my own classroom.

I was raised in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. My family is very important to me and has had an enormous impact on my life.  I have a younger brother and sister who I am very close with and my parents have supported me throughout my entire life.  My family has helped me become who I am today, and I am very thankful for everything they have done for me.

I graduated from Bethlehem Catholic High School in 2006 and then went on to Moravian College.  As an undergraduate at Moravian I studied Accounting and graduated with an Accounting degree in May 2010.  I enjoyed accounting but I realized by my junior year that teaching was what I wished to do with my life.  I decieded at this time that upon graduation I was going to go back to school to be certified.

During my time at Moravian I competed in both baseball and basketball at the varsity level.  I had the rare opportunity to play collegiate baseball with my little brother, which is an opportunity not many get to experience.  Sports have had a huge impact on my life and I believe that many life lessons can be learned by competing in athletics.  One day I want to be a head high school varsity coach in either baseball or basketball and hopefully pass the enjoyment of competition and teammwork down to my players.

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