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Art in the Elementary School

Updated January, 2009

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The overall objective of this course is to familiarize the student with a variety of art media and teaching strategies that may be later used within an arts integrated classroom setting. It will give insight to comprehending a visual language in children, by using developmentally appropriate practices, which foster the connections that promote greater understanding of subject matter. There will be the development and implementation of art lessons that are aligned to standards and integrated into larger units of academic required study. It will create an artful approach to teaching and thus influence life-long learning in children.

Please review the class objectives and requirements as described in the syllabus and other documents below.

Syllabus for EDUC 215.2, A ,B & Z
The Purpose of a Lesson Plan
There Are Many Ways ...

Learning projects include ...

Eric Carle Project Puppet Project
Georgia O'Keeffe Project Stuffed Sculpture Project
Responding to Works of Art Through Creative Writing