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  Responding to Works of Art through Creative Writing

Updated October 1, 2005



    The traditional cinquain is based on a syllable count.

line 1 - 2 syllables
line 2 - 4 syllables
line 3 - 6 syllables
line 4 - 8 syllables
line 5 - 2 syllables

    The modern cinquain is based on a word count of words of a certain type.

line 1 - one word (noun) a title or name of the subject
line 2 - two words (adjectives) describing the title
line 3 - three words (verbs) describing an action related to the title
line 4 - four words describing a feeling about the title, a complete sentence
line 5 - one word referring back to the title of the poem


Warm and sunny
In the park together
Making memories with family

a traditional cinquain by Devon    


Warm Bright
Shining flowing growing
The light brings out the heat



a modern cinquain by Rachel



Divris Arenaria
Beautiful Endangered
Growing quietly, reaching towards the sun
Small exotic threatened by expansion

a responsive poem by Shannon