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Syllabus for EDUC 215.2 A & B  


Art in the Elementary School  
Syllabus for EDUC 215.2 A & B

Spring Term 2009

Mon. & Wed. 8:00AM to 10:00AM
1/19/2009 to 3/13/2009 Sec. A

Mon. & Wed. 8:00AM to 10:00AM
3/16/2009 to 5/2/2009 Sec. B




Mary Ellen B. Lehman



(Home email given in class)


610-861-1680 (art office)

(Home # given in class)

Office Hours

By appointment


South Campus / Art office


PPHC /  ART00 /9
(Times & Dates see above)


None required. Each student’s account will be charged for a prepared art kit, which the students must bring to each class session. Teacher handouts, the course website (URL listed above) and computer research will take the place of an assigned text. It will be the student’s responsibility to maintain and organize these materials in a three ring binder to be obtained for this purpose. This notebook should be large enough to retain handouts, research documents, as well as completed unit lesson plans.

Suggested reading: 

Arts with the Brain in Mind, Eric Jensen, 2001, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, ISBN 0-87120-514-9

TEACH Like Your Hair’s On Fire, Rafe Esquith, 2007, Penguin Group, ISBN 978-0-670-03815-2 



This course is designed to familiarize the student with a variety of art materials and teaching strategies that may be used later within an arts integrated classroom setting. It will give insight to comprehending a visual language in children, by using developmentally appropriate practices, which foster the connections that promote greater understanding of subject matter. There will be the development and implementation of art unit lessons that are aligned to Pennsylvania State Standards and integrated into larger units of academic required study. It will create an artful approach to teaching and thus influence life-long learning in children. Be advised that both in studio and at home assignments will be expected throughout the course time together.

Goals and Requirements:

  • To become familiar and comfortable with a variety of art materials and strategies to be used in the academic / arts integrated classroom. Class attendance with active participation is a must for this aspect of the program. Unexcused absences and lateness will affect your final grade. Please refer to the 2007 Art Department Attendance Guidelines Policy, which is attached as a separate document. Come prepared to learn and develop lessons and visual examples during class time. TOGETHER, we all achieve more!
  • To fully develop four (4) lesson unit plans that integrate the arts across the academic curriculum and are aligned to PA Standards. These plans may be turned in as completed, (suggested method) but MUST be in the instructor’s hands before that last week of class. Visual examples (art work) from these assignments must be turned in as well. Suggested due dates for each assignment will be given during our class time together.
  • To present and defend one (1) of these developed unit lessons to the whole group at our last class meeting. Exact date of this presentation will be given in class. The emailing of this unit lesson to each class member ahead of the critique presentation time will be expected. This date will also be given in class. The development of at least four questions/comments reflective from each mailed lesson. Active participation in critiques, lesson development, and class presentations will be evaluated in everyone’s final grade.
  • Readings from handouts and the internet completed when assigned. Quizzes may be periodically given.
  • To support multi-disciplinary studies, projects and events which provide the integration of the arts and ideas – heart, hands, and head – for all students at Moravian College.
  • A sketchbook and class journal will be kept.
  • Visual Arts Engagement Requirement: A Visual Art Event Participation Paper will be due before the last week of classes. The exact date that this paper will be due, will be given at our first class meeting. This paper is a written reflection of a visual arts exhibit that you are required to physically attend outside of class time. Various locations and directions to these exhibits will be discussed in class, as well as any additional information needed. This assignment may not be completed through museum web sites. Please do not put this visitation and written assignment off to the end of our class together.
  • A Responsive Creative Writing Assignment: This will be based on your reaction to various works of art that we will be viewing in class, as well as, your own creations. A class session will be devoted to demonstrating how the arts can be used as a springboard for creative writing assignments, as part of the Writing Across the Curriculum initiative. 
  • Students should familiarize themselves with the Moravian College Academic Honesty Policy, as stated in the student handbook. The Internet can provide valuable source material, but you must participate by visiting the artwork yourself, in person, and offering your own viewpoint. Be aware that I am very familiar with art websites and plagiarism in any form will note be tolerated.
  • Students with Learning Disabilities:  If you believe you need accommodations in this class, you are encouraged to contact the Learning Services Office as soon as possible to enhance the likelihood that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion. Students who wish to request disability accommodations in this class should contact the Director of Learning services for Disability Support, 1307 Main Street (extension 1510).
  • This syllabus is subject to change and notice will be given to the students if it does.

Course Outcomes:

  • The student will have gained confidence in using a variety of art materials in an academic classroom setting.
  • The student will acquire insights on cross-curricular arts integration and will begin to understand the important role the arts play in providing children, with yet another voice for expressing understanding and knowledge.
  • The student will have four (4) personally developed unit lesson plans, aligned to a variety of academic standards, with visual examples, at the end of the class sessions… as well as a mailed unit lesson from each class member. Student-teacher aspirants will find this very useful in their future endeavors.

Grading Criteria: 

  • Attendance and ACTIVE classroom participation which includes, note taking, attentiveness and providing responsive and reflective answers. A Positive Attitude is a must! Over all preparedness for each session. Bring the art supplies you require to create your examples, or the reference texts that you will need to write your lesson plans. Again, refer to the 2007 Art Department-wide policy document handed out in class. Use this class time wisely and it will benefit you for the greater good!  (10%)
  • Four completed, standards driven, cross-curricular, arts integrated unit lesson plans with visual examples submitted on time. (15% each).
  • Classroom presentation of one fully developed unit lesson. Emailing of this unit to instructor and class on given due date. Preparation of questions/comments for this presentation critique. Test and quizzes (15%).
  • Sketchbook, journal, creative writing response piece, and completed visual arts visitation with reflection paper (15%)
  • Review Goals and Requirement section of syllabus for details.