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Here is a link to the schedule of presentations of news items to the class.

Genetics in the News

Frederick Sanger died today.

It seems that the 20,000-or-so genes that make up the human genome are controlled by control elements in what used to be called "junk" DNA because scientists had no idea what it did. Now the ENCODE project has published a series of papers describing the roughly 4 million genetic switches controlling those genes.

It has long been known that the risk of bearing a child with Down syndrome increases with a mother's age; recent work has shown that the risk of having a child with autism or schizophrenia increases with the father's age as a result of an increasing number of random mutations in sperm as men age.

The ability to sequence entire genomes increasingly rapidly is changing the landscape of many areas of science, and also is beginning to have an impact on clinical medical practice. Researchers were able to trace the path of infection of a "superbug" in a major hospital which killed 6 patients; this will certainly have an effect on how nosicomial infections are handled in years to come.

Two things: one, even professionals make mistakes. Two, Statistics is Real Important. (read more)

From a few years ago: "Word that genetic researchers had discovered a cell of rice contains more genes than a human cell caused widespread outrage as people across the globe attempted to prove that humans are easily as smart as a grain of rice." (read more)


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As discussed in class, I do not require a text for this course. I certainly recommend having one, but that's up to you. Any genetics text published within the last 5 years or so should be fine.

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