Fall 2013









Prof. Jones


Lab Syllabus

Week Date Activity Reading
1 Aug. 28–30 Lab orientation & overview
handling flies
(1) examine wild-type and mutant flies and begin life-cycle observations
(2) discuss iPlant initiative and sample collection
"In the Laboratory of Agassiz" (handout)
2 Sept. 4–6 (1) continue life-cycle observations
review fly genetic nomenclature
(3) examine & score "alphabet" mutants
(3a) review & set up "alphabet" mutant mapping cross 1
review the basics of PCR before lab (e.g. here)
Drosophila morphology handout
"Mapping cross #1" handout
3 Sept. 11–13 (1) Drosophila life cycle report due
(2) extract genomic DNA from plant sample
4 Sept. 18–20 (2) run PCR reaction on plant DNA sample for rbcL gene
(3a) examine & score mapping cross 1 F1 flies, set up next cross
(3b) review & set up "alphabet" mutant mapping crosses 2 & 3
review PCR
"Mapping cross #2" and "Mapping cross #3" handouts
5 Sept. 25–27 (2) agarose gel analysis of plant PCR amplicons
review gel electrophoresis
Here are the gels of your PCR reaction products
6 Oct. 2–4 (3a) score mapping cross 1 progeny
(3b) examine & score mapping crosses 2 & 3, set up next crosses
anything covering basic Mendelian genetics such as this MathBench module
7 Oct. 9–11 (2) analyze rbcL gene sequence data this MathBench module reviewing combinatorial math, scientific notation, and BLAST searching
8 Oct. 16–18 (3b) score mapping crosses 2 & 3 progeny "Mapping cross #4" handout
9 Oct. 23–25 (2) iPlant species identification report due
(4) set up recombination mapping crosses for B101 and dbe mutants
10 Oct. 30–Nov. 1 (3) alphabet mutant mapping report due
11 Nov. 6–8 (4) set up F1 cross for B101 and dbe mutant virgin females with appropriate males
(5) collect human genomic DNA; set up PCR reactions
12 Nov. 13–15 (5) carry out restriction digests on PTC amplicons and run electrophoresis gels review gel electrophoresis again (this is a different site, by the way)
13 Nov. 20–22 (4) score B101 and dbe recombination mapping cross progeny
Here are the gels of your PTC gene PCR and digestion reaction products
14 Nov. 27–29 [no lab — Thanksgiving break]
15 Dec. 4–6 (4) B101 and dbe recombination mapping report due
(5) PTC allele analysis report due

Life is fluid, so this syllabus is subject to change. I don't anticipate any significant deviations, but remember that it's written in electrons, not stone.

For reasons that are not entirely clear to me, Moravian College considers this to be a personal page. Therefore it is incumbent on me to point out that "The views expressed on this page are the responsibility of the author, Christopher Jones (cjones-at-moravian-dot-edu) and do not necessarily reflect Moravian College or Moravian Theological Seminary policies or official positions."