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First, a note on grading. I do not grade on a curve, so I hope that each of you will do your best to help your fellow students: if they benefit, it does you no harm. In fact, one of the best ways to learn something is to explain it to someone else, so talk to your classmates.


There will be three graded items derived from the finishing portion of the course: you will prepare both a written report and an oral presentation on your finishing project, each of these is worth 100 points. In addition, you will be expected to participate in the assessment of your peers' oral presentations; this participation is worth an additional 100 points.


There will similarly be written and oral reports, with the latter being peer-evaluated, for the annotation portion of the course, for another 300 points.

Discretionary points

Some of you may feel that you'll do better with your oral presentations than your written reports (or vice versa); you each have 100 points to distribute as you see fit among the oral and written reports. You must notify me of your allocation before our class on Monday, March 11 (that's our first meeting after spring break).

Other points

There will be occasional homework assignments over the semester, worth a total of approximately 100 points. Readings from the text and articles which I assign will be discussed in class; these discussions will be worth another 100 points. Finally, overall class participation will be worth 100 points.


There will be a total of approximately 1000 points possible over the course of the semester; your final grade will be calculated as a simple fraction of points earned over the total possible.