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How to Start Up Consed

  1. Launch X11. This program is found within the Utilities folder which is itself within the Applications folder. I recommend that when you open the Utiliites folder that you click-and-hold on the X11 icon and drag it to the Dock at the bottom of the screen. This will result in the X11 icon staying in the Dock, so that in future you can just click on it rather than digging down to the Utilities folder each time.
  2. Type the following (note that the spaces are important):


  3. Change the shell:


  4. Check to make sure the the path can be seen/read by typing:


    This should yield:


  5. Grab an exercise file and put it on your desktop and unzip it.
  6. in X11 terminal window type:


You should now have a Consed window open in front of you.