Professor Diane Husic

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Department of Biological Sciences, Moravian College

Office: 311B Collier Hall of Science
Phone Number: (610) 625-7100
E-mail Address:

Chairperson and Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Moravian College

            Past-President, Council on Undergraduate Research

            Audubon TogetherGreen 2010 Fellow (see press release)

            Board Member, Lehigh Gap Nature Center and Lehigh Valley Audubon Society

            Steering Committee Member, Research and Independent NGOs constituency for civil society organizations through the UNFCCC.

            Steering Committee Member, PA Climate Change Adaptation Working Group on Natural Resources

Curriculum vitae 

Background Information:

Other positions held:  
            LVIAC Consortial Professor (at Lafayette College, Fall 2006)
            Chairperson and Professor, Department of Chemistry, East Stroudsburg University
            Coordinator, Biochemistry and Chemical Biotechnology Degree Programs
            Faculty member at ESU from August 1988 to August 2004

Postdoctoral Experience:
            (1986 - 1988)  The Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, PA;
            Studies of protein kinase C (PKC) and the mechanisms of phorbol ester-induced differentiation in HL-60 leukemia cells.

            Ph.D. Biochemistry (1986) Michigan State University
            "The Metabolism of D-Lactate and Structurally Related Organic Acids in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii"

            B.S.  Biochemistry (1981) Northern Michigan University

Current Research Interests:

v  Ecological Restoration; Bioremediation of zinc-contaminated sites; plant adaptations and species recovery inventories

v  Photorespiration

v  Evolutionary relationships of peroxisomal and mitochondrial enzymes involved in alpha-hydroxy acid metabolism

v  Biochemical adaptations of photosynthetic organisms to environmental stress

Selected Recent Publications:

1.      Husic, D. (2012) “Violets and Butterflies” (on the conservation efforts for the endangered Regal Fritillary), Wildlife Activist 72: 3-4.

2.      Husic, D. (2012) “Environmental Literacy, Wild Places and Play as Elements of a Quality Education”, Wildlife Activist 71: 6-7.

3.      Husic, D. (2012) “COP17: Lessons from South Africa”, Wildlife Activist 70: 8 – 11.

4.      Husic, D. (2012) “Birding Conference Focuses on Diversity”, Wildlife Activist 70: 11- 12.

5.      Husic, D. (2011) “LGNC Launches New Conservation, Education and Citizen Science Initiatives” and “Eastern PA Phenology Project Update”, Wildlife Activist 69: 5 – 6, 12.

6.      Kunkle, D., Husic, D., and Husic, C. (2011) “Creating a Diverse Prairie Ecosystem at the Lehigh Gap”, Wildlife Activist 69:  2-5.

7.      Husic, D.W. (2011) “Climate Change is Not a Spectator Sport:  Make a Difference Globally and in Your Backyard”, Keystone Wild!Notes, Spring edition, pp. 15-18, by invitation; available at

8.       Husic, D., Husic, C., Kunkle, D., and Kuserk, F. (2010) Lehigh Gap Wildlife Refuge Ecological Assessment Part II, available at

9.       Husic, D. and Kunkle, D. (2010) “From Superfund to Super Habitat:  Lehigh Gap Nature Center”, Keystone Wild! Notes, Spring 2010, PA Wild Resource Conservation Program.

10.  Husic, D.W. (2010) “The Role of Department Chairs in Promoting and Supporting Transformative Research” In Transformative Research at Predominantly Undergraduate Institutions, Karukstis, K. and Hensel, N. eds., Council on Undergraduate Research, Washington, D.C.

11.    Husic, D.W. (2010) “Transformative Research as a Means of Transforming Landscapes and Revitalizing Academic Departments:  A Case Study” In Transformative Research at Predominantly Undergraduate Institutions, Karukstis, K. and Hensel, N. eds., Council on Undergraduate Research, Washington, D.C.

12.    Husic, D. (2009) “Some Reflections on Superfund Sites” Wildlife Activist 64: 8 – 11.

13.    Husic, D. (2009) “Advocacy and the Political Process:  It’s Not for Me.  Is it?” CUR Quarterly 29: 6 – 7.

14.    Husic, D. (2009) “Providing a Framework for Environmental Leadership in the 21st Century”, Wildlife Activist 63: 5 – 8.

15.    Husic, D. (2008) “Environmental Leadership in the U.S. – A Historical Perspective”, Wildlife Activist 62: 6 – 9.

16.    Husic, D. (2008) “Confessions of a Newly Diagnosed Birding Addict”, Wildlife Activist: 61: 7 – 9.

17.    D. Kunkle, J. Dickerson, and D. Husic (2008) “The Use of Native Grasses at the Palmerton Superfund Site”, In: The Conference Proceedings of the Sixth Eastern Native Grass Symposium, (South Carolina, October 2008).

18.    Husic, D.W. (2006) “Navigating through Interdisciplinary Pitfalls and Pathways to Success”, CUR Quarterly, 26:  169 - 176.  (A photo of our research consortium was featured on the cover of this edition.)

19.    Husic, D.W. (2005) "Technology and Ethics", In Ready Reference: Ethics, 2nd edition, J. K. Roth, ed., Salem Press (Pasadena, CA); pp. 1456 - 1464.

20.    Husic, D.W. (2005) “Ethics of Genetically Modified Foods”, Ibid, pp.  575 -578.

21.    Husic, D.W. and Elgin, T. (2003) “Curricula Structures to Support Undergraduate Research”,

22.    Husic, D.W. (2003) “Politics and Higher Education: Barriers to Undergraduate Research Opportunities at Public Comprehensive Institutions”,

23.    Husic, H.D. and Husic, D. W. (2002) “The Oxidative Photosynthetic Carbon (C2) Cycle: An Update and Unanswered Questions” In Reviews in Plant Biochemistry and            Biotechnology 1: 33 - 56, A. Goyal, S.L. Mehta, M.L. Lodha, eds.


Current and Recent:


2005 –                         NCAA Division II Affiliate Organization Grants $50,000/year

2012                            Author and Project Coordinator for FAR Leadership Institutes


2011                            Lehigh Valley Greenways grant: $5000

Conservation of the Blue Mountain /Kittatinny Ridge Greenway

Author and PI


2011                            PA Department of Environmental Protection Environmental Education Grants Program: $5500

Using phenology monitoring of the Kittatinny Ridge corridor area in the classroom to teach science



Title:                            Enhancing the Environmental Studies Program at Moravian College

Funding Source:           Margaret A. Cargill Foundation

PI:                                S. Schamberger, F. Kuserk, D. Husic

Status:                          Funded: 2009 (five years)


Title:                            Research and Education in the Moravian College Environmental and Biological Science Programs

Funding Source:           LiCOR LEEF Program

PI                                 D. Husic

Status:                          Funded, March, 2009

Title:                            Lehigh Gap Wildlife Refuge Ecological Assessment, Part II”

Funding Source:           Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, Wild Resource Conservation Program

PIs:                              D. Kunkle, Lehigh Gap Nature Center and D. Husic, Moravian College

Status:                          Funded, June 2008


 Title:                           Establishment of a Consortium for Educational and Research Opportunities in the Chemical and Molecular Aspects of Plant Science 

 Funding Source:          Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation; Special Program in Chemical Sciences

 Authors:                      H.D. Husic and D.W. Husic (with other participating scientists)

 Status:             Funded:  Spring 2004




·         Undergraduate Research Center Planning Grant:  Consortium for Research Opportunities in the Plant Sciences (CROPS)

·         NSF – Division of Chemistry (Undergraduate Research Center Planning Grant); PIs:  H.D. Husic and D.W. Husic (with 5 other principle scientists in consortium); August 2004

·         Technology fee program (ESU and SSHE) grant for incorporating molecular modeling and computational chemistry into the department curriculum, 2003 and 2004 (with M. Jones-Wilson) -- for new computers, supporting hardware and modeling software.

·          U.S. Department of Education, grant for supporting science and technology initiatives at ESU, 6/2002 - 8/2003.

·         State System of Higher Education of PA, Venture Capital Grant to develop Biotechnology and Chemical Biotechnology Initiatives at ESU, 6/2000 - 6/2003.

·         National Science Foundation, Instrumentation and Laboratory Improvement Grant; Integration of Biotechnology into the Biochemistry and Biology Curriculum at ESU, 6/1998 - 6/2001.

·         National Science Foundation, Steering Committee Member for a Special Project Grant, Undergraduate Research Summit, 8/2002 - 2004

Courses Taught at Moravian:

BIOL 107:  Environmental Science (for LinC curriculum, non-science majors)

IDIS/ENVR 190:  Redefining Prosperity:  Moving Toward a Culture of Sustainability

BIOL/CHEM 328 Biochemistry II
IDIS 213: The Impact of Technology on Diet and Disease

IDIS 297: Climate Crises: Past, Present and Future

BIOL 370:  Biology Seminar (various themes)

ENVR 370: Environmental Seminar

BIOL 392:  Conservation Biology

Courses Previously Taught at ESU:

Biochemistry Laboratory
Physical Biochemistry
Physical Biochemistry Laboratory
Contemporary Topics in Biochemistry
Environmental Chemistry (for non-science majors)
Molecular Toxicity
Protein Chemistry
Organic and General Chemistry Labs





My two sons, birding, gardening (indoors and out; completion of Master Gardener certification - 2004), horses, orchids and other tropical plants, intercollegiate athletics, hiking, old houses and antiques