Personal Information

Professor of Biology and Assistant to the Dean for Information Technology

B.S. in Biology (1973) University of Notre Dame

Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (1978) University of Delaware

Steps Toward Independence Postdoctoral Fellowship (1979) Marine Biological Laboratory,

Woods Hole, MA

Research Associate (1981-1982) Stroud Water Research Center, Academy of Natural Sciences

of Philadelphia

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Information Technology

My interest in using computers in education and research extends to my undergraduate and graduate years at the University of Notre Dame and the University of Delaware, respectively. I pioneered the use of personal computers in the biology curriculum at Moravian College and in 1986 served as project director for a National Science Foundation grant to interface computers with instrumentation in science laboratories. This project was a multidisciplinary, collaborative effort with five other colleagues in physics, chemistry, geology, psychology and biology.
In 1986 I joined the newly formed Academic Computing Committee, becoming its chair the following year. In 1988 President Martin asked me to assume the position of Director of Academic Computing in order to provide direction to and organization for the then growing use of computing technology among faculty and students. Major accomplishments during my tenure as director were the creation of networked laboratories for both IBM-compatible and Macintosh computers in Hamilton Hall, the building of a staff of technical professionals, establishment of a program by which faculty received desktop computers, and most recently, the building of a high-speed, fiber optic campus network which connects all computing resources on campus and beyond through the Internet.
In December 1994 I assumed my current position as Assistant to the Dean for Information Technology. In this new capacity I am responsible for planning and coordinating efforts on campus as they relate to existing and emerging information technologies. In addition, Iwork with individual faculty and departments to provide assistance in planning for and using computing and other information technologies in the curriculum. I also serve as the chair of the Information Technology Board (ITB), moderate an on-campus listserv (INFOTECH) and am the voting representative to EDUCOM, the national organization of academic computing professionals.

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Course Information

Spring 2000		BI 235	Microbiology     
                               	MWF 9:10 AM-10:00 AM
                                	Lab:  W,F 12:45 PM-3:45 PM

Summer 2000		BI 107	Environmental Science (July 3-August 4)
				M-F 9:00 AM-11:00 AM
				Lab: M,W 11:30 AM-3:00 PM

Fall 2000		BI 250	Animal Behavior 
                           	MWF 11:30AM-12:20PM     
                           	Lab:	Th,F 12:45PM-3:45PM

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