Moravian College Education Department


Roles and Responsibilities


Roles and Responsibilities of the Cooperating Teacher


Cooperating teachers for all of our field experiences are selected because of their willingness and ability to mentor, their excellence in teaching, their knowledge of best teaching practices and their devotion to the teaching profession.


As a cooperating teacher for any field experience, you provide a valuable opportunity for our students to observe a teaching professional and participate in a classroom setting . During the early field experience, students are expected to participate in daily classroom activities and work with individual students and small groups. Along with other course requirements, the integrated use of technology to support academic standards is stressed in all the education courses. To ensure clarity of purpose and expectations students are directed to share the information presented in this handbook and their course(s) syllabus(i) with you. Moravian asks that you accept only the best from its students and that you do this in an atmosphere of gentleness and support.


Specifically the Education Department asks the cooperating teacher to:

Be a model and mentor.

Discuss your philosophy of teaching.

Share your classroom and school policies and procedures regarding discipline, signing in/out, parking, fire drills, snow days, lock downs etc.

Discuss issues regarding curriculum, assessment, classroom management, record keeping etc.

Share information regarding support services and special programs.

Demonstrate the integration of technology in the curriculum.

Collaborate with the college personnel in evaluating the strengths and needs of the student.


Once again thank you for your commitment to our students. Without your support, Moravain College's teacher preparation program would not be as effective as it is.



Roles and Responsibilities of the Early Field Experience Student


The early field experience is an opportunity for the student to become familiar with classroom teaching and responsibilities while still being given extensive support and direction. We encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity. The following suggestions are guidelines which may be adjusted to coordinate with the needs of your cooperating teacher's classroom. Read the information carefully and then ask your professor, cooperating teacher and Mrs. Modjadidi any questions you might have. The purpose of the early field experience is to help you decide if you wish to pursue a career in teaching. We want this to be a rewarding learning experience and will assist you in any way that we can.


The student is expected to:

Attend a minimum of 40 hours (4 hours per week for 10 weeks).

Attend on time.

Call the cooperating teacher and the Education Department office (610-861.1558) in the morning before 8:00am if she/he will be missing school. If the cooperating teacher prefers to be called at home, the student should make the necessary arrangements. (An unexcused absence will have a significant impact on the final grade and may result in a failing grade.)

E-mail Mrs. Modjadidi any changes in your schedule.

Follow the Moravian College Dress and Conduct Code. (attached).

Address all personnel as Ms. Smith, Mr. Jones, Mrs. Brown etc.

Follow school procedures for signing in/out, parking, and wearing visitor badges, etc.

Introduce yourself to the principal, secretaries, custodians.and other support staff.

Share the course(s) syllabus(i) with the cooperating teacher.

Assist the cooperating teacher with classroom activities.

Work with individual students and small groups.

The student will discuss the following items with his/her cooperating teacher:

The cooperating teacher's philosophy of teaching.

Classroom and school policies and procedures regarding discipline, signing in/out, parking, fire drills, snow days, lock downs etc.

Classroom curriculum, assessment, management, record keeping, etc.

Classroom support services and special programs.

Integration of technology in the curriculum to support academic standards.





A portion of the student's final grade is determined by the cooperating teacher's evaluation. We ask that the evaluation checklist be used through out the experience as a reference tool. In addition, we ask that midway through the experience the cooperating teacher informally review the evaluation checklist with the student. This will help the student evaluate his/her performance and allow time for any necessary changes to occur. The final evaluation should be shared with the student prior to sending it to Mrs. Modjadidi by Monday, April 23, 2001.



If the school contacts Mrs. Modjadidi, a supervisor or a professor with a concern, the Field Experience Incident Report Form will be used to document the concern. This form will be reviewed with the student and filed in the student's folder. (attached) Depending on the severity of the infraction, the student's grade may be affected. Under extraordinary circumstances, a student may be removed from an early field experience. This may result in a failing grade for the course.




The Education Department of Moravian College considers sexual harassment to be a serious offense which will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment is any repeated or unwanted verbal or physical sexual advance, sexually explicit derogatory statement, or sexually discriminatory remark made by someone in the workplace which is offensive or objectionable to the recipient, or which causes the recipient discomfort or humiliation, or which interferes with the recipient's work performance. This is only one of many definitions of sexual harassment. All definitions however, share three characteristics:


1. Sexual harassment is unwelcome. This means the victim is not asking for it.

2. The victim does not have the overt power to end the harassment. This characteristic indicates that sexual harassment is a power play.

3. Sexual harassment interferes with productivity.


Students and cooperating teachers are encouraged to report any instance of sexual harassment to the College supervisor immediately.



The Education Department wants this to be a positive, successful experience for everyone. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Modjadidi with any question or concern.