Moravian College Education Department

Roles and Responsibilities


Roles and Responsibilities of the Cooperating Teacher


Cooperating teachers for all of our field experience programs are selected because of their willingness and ability to mentor, their excellence in teaching, their knowledge of best teaching practices and their devotion to the teaching profession.


As a cooperating teacher for a pre-student teacher, you assist, in collaboration with the college supervisors, to determine if the student is ready for the final stage of Moravian College's teacher preparation process, student teaching. During the pre-student teaching experience, students are expected to fully participate in daily classroom activities as well as prepare and present lessons using appropriate instructional materials and techniques. The integrated use of technology to support academic standards is stressed in all the education courses. To ensure clarity of purpose and expectations students are directed to share the information presented in this handbook and the course(s) syllabus(i) with you. Moravian asks that you accept only the best from its students and that you do this in an atmosphere of gentleness and support.


Specifically the Education Department asks the cooperating teacher to:


Once again thank you for your commitment to our students. Without your support, Moravian College's teacher preparation program would not be as effective as it is. If any problems or concerns should develop, please contact one of the College Supervisors immediately either at the office or at home.


Roles and Responsibilities of the College Supervisor


The role of the College Supervisor will be to support the pre-student teacher's performance in the school. To this end, a supervisor will visit and/or observe each pre-student teacher at least once per week during the experience. A supervisor will also conference with the cooperating teacher on a regular basis. A final evaluation and grade based on the rubric will be determined by the supervisors.


Roles and Responsibilities of the Pre-Student Teacher


The Pre-Student Teaching Experience is the precursor to the final stage of the certification process, student teaching. It is an opportunity for the student to become closely involved with classroom teaching and responsibilities while still being given extensive support and direction. We encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity. The following suggestions are guidelines which may be adjusted to coordinate with the needs of your cooperating teacher's classroom. Read the information carefully and then ask your supervisors any questions you might have. The purpose of pre-student teaching is to help you prepare for student teaching. We want this to be a rewarding learning experience and will assist you in any way that we can.


The student will become familiar with:

Classroom curriculum materials.

The cooperating teacher's philosophy of teaching.

Classroom record keeping system.

Classroom management techniques.

Provisions for differentiated instruction.

Classroom support services.

Methods of assessment.

Integration of technology in the curriculum to support academic standards.


The student will assist the classroom teacher with classroom activities.


The student will work with individual students or small groups.


The student will plan, prepare, and teach a minimum of five lessons for whole group instruction in the areas listed below:


Integrated Language Arts Program: Reading, Literature, and Process Writing

Social Studies

Each lesson plan must be reviewed by the cooperating teacher two days prior to teaching the lesson. Lesson plans must be available for review by the visiting college supervisors at all times.


The student will design and develop the following teaching materials:

Learning game(s)

Assessment tools

Interactive bulletin board, work board or learning center ( Only one of these is required)


The student will:

Dress according to the Moravian College Dress and Conduct Code (attached).

Use his/her teacher-name: Ms. Smith, Mr. Jones, etc.

Present lesson plans to the cooperating teacher at least two days before the lessons are taught.

Be punctual.

Follow school procedures for signing in/out, parking, and wearing visitor badges.

Introduce herself/himself to principals, secretaries, custodians, and other support staff.

Call the cooperating teacher and the Education Department office (610-861-1558) in the morning before 8:00am if she/he will be absent. (An unexcused absence will result in a failing grade.)

E-mail all of your college supervisors two days in advance of any changes in your schedule.

Share the syllabus(i) with the cooperating teacher.



The student will receive a letter grade for the pre-student teaching experience based on the cooperating teacher's evaluation, the supervisors' assessment, and her/his pre-student teaching portfolio. This portfolio must be written via word processing and must contain the following components:


Complete lesson plans for a minimum of five teaching experiences, including self-reflection and some copies of the students' samples.


Weekly reflection focused on the following topics:

Week 1-Provisions for individual differences

Week 2-Classroom management techniques

Week 3-Use of technology for instruction

Week 4-Standards based instruction (New Standards/PA Standards/National Standards)

Week 5-Teaching techniques and strategies


Copies of prepared materials


Pictures of classroom experiences (check with the principal concerning school policy)


Summary and evaluation of five computer programs used by the students or teachers (These are not to be reviewed during your assigned classroom time)


A final reflective essay comparing your pre-student teaching experience to what you have learned about teaching in your methods classes. (2 to 3 pages)


Your grade will be determined by:

Cooperating teachers evaluation 40 points (See attached form)

Portfolio evaluation 50 points (See attached rubric)

Supervisors' evaluation 10 points

Engaged in appropriate classroom activities when the supervisors visit

Preparedness with assignments and prompt communication with supervisors


Sexual Harassment Policy


The Education Department of Moravian College considers sexual harassment to be a serious offense which will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment is any repeated or unwanted verbal or physical sexual advance, sexually explicit derogatory statement, or sexually discriminatory remark made by someone in the workplace which is offensive or objectionable to the recipient, or which causes the recipient discomfort or humiliation, or which interferes with the recipient's work performance. This is only one of many definitions of sexual harassment. All definitions however, share three characteristics:


1. Sexual harassment is unwelcome. This means the victim is not asking for it.

2. The victim does not have the overt power to end the harassment. This characteristic indicates that sexual harassment is a power play.

3. Sexual harassment interferes with productivity.


Student teachers and cooperating teachers are encouraged to report any instance of sexual harassment to the College supervisor immediately.