"In teaching it is the method and not the content that is the message - the drawing out, not the pumping in."

Ashley Montagu


  1. The students will practice methods and strategies designed to help elementary level children think critically, solve problems, and make decisions.
  2. The student will develop daily lesson plans and a thematic unit plan which incorporates social studies methodology and content, are integrative and interdisciplinary in scope, and are developmentally appropriate for the children for whom the instruction is designed.
  3. The student will examine social studies resources in print, in the community, and on the Internet.
  4. The student will incorporate traditional print and Internet resources into lesson plans and unit plans.
  5. The student will use the knowledge acquired to develop a comprehensive project to exemplify their understanding of social studies strategies and methodology.


ZarilloJames J. "Teaching Elementary Social Studies/ Principles and Applications". Upper Saddle River N.J. Prentice - Hall Inc.


Week of Jan 10

Overview of Course

Part I Foundations of Social Studies Teaching

Week of Jan 17

Jan 17 No Class

Lesson Plans and Integrated Curriculum (Chaps. 4 &9)

Week of Jan. 24

Cooperative Learning

Inquiry and Assessment (Chap. 8)

Week of Jan. 31

Historical fiction

Technology Lab

Week of Feb. 7

Units of Instruction

Week of Feb. 14

Work Sessions for Units

Preview of Integrated Unit (rough drafts)

Week of Feb. 21


Field Overview

Week of Feb. 28

Multicultural/ Ethnic Diversity

History & Geography

March 13 through April 19


Week of Apr. 26

Culmination Activities

Student Teaching Transition


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