Moravian College

Technology in the Classroom (EDUC 240.2)




Fall 2013


Monday / Wednesday - Section Z (7:00 pm – 9:00 pm) (10/16/2013 -12/6/2013)


Instructor Information


Instructor: Mr. Ronald J. Szabo

Office Hours: Before or after class or by Appointment


Home: 610-867-8989

Office: 610-625-7986

Office (Seminary): 610-625-7866



Schwartz, Steve, Microsoft Office 2011 Visual Quickstart Guide, California: Peachpit Press, 2011.


Course Description

The use of educational technology in the elementary and secondary classroom continues to grow and develop.  Students are coming to classes with more knowledge and expertise in the use of computers and various applications.  This course is designed to reinforce and expand on previously learned skills that are still applicable to the teaching / learning process as well as to explore some of the newer technologies that have been recently introduced in an effort to better integrate technology into instructional planning and effective communication.


Course Goals

To master advanced techniques of word processing software.


Course Requirements

Because of the relative few classes that this course meets, attendance at all classes and active participate in discussions is critical. Call or email prior to class, if you are going to be absent. Only illness or emergency will be accepted as an excused absence. If you are not sure, contact me prior to the class that will be missed. If you should miss more then two (2) classes, for any reason, it is strongly advised that you consider dropping the class. Missing any class without prior notification will lower your final grade by a half grade per absence (i.e. an A will be an A-). Arriving late or leaving early will also be noted.

Create a technology fact sheet with multi column format and graphics

Create a multimedia presentation suitable for use as a learning center

Create and publish a professional website



This class is designed for you to master basic computer skills in the area of word processing, digital and video imagery and web page construction. Classroom experiences have been designed to reinforce and use skills taught in class. Upon evaluation, if the skills appear not to have been mastered, you may resubmit an assignment to demonstrate your level of skill has improved. Both the original and the resubmitted assignment will be taken into consideration as far as overall assessment. Assignments and/or projects with grades that are lowered because of proofreading, spelling or grammatical errors may NOT be resubmitted.


All assignments will be evaluated based on how it functions on a Macintosh computer similar to those computers in the lab.  Web sites must be created using the web design program taught in class and will be evaluated by viewing the site over the Internet on both a Mac and a PC.


1.     Active Class Participation - 10%

2.     Assignments - are assessed as either being completed: at, below or above expected demonstrated knowledge of skill. Any assignment assessed as below expected performance may be resubmitted for reevaluation. - 15%

3.     Major Projects

Technology Fact Sheet - 20%

Learning Center Presentation - 25%

Web site - 30%


Projects may not be resubmitted for re-evaluation.


Both subjective and objective evaluations will be used to determine final class grades.



A= your work is outstanding and done with little outside assistance. It goes beyond requirements and shows perception and insightfulness. All students will be able to earn an "A" if they care to, but not everyone will endeavor to put forth the extra effort and time.

B= you go beyond the requirements enhancing your work by incorporating previously learned techniques into basic assignments.

C= you meet all requirements adequately.

D= you demonstrated less then adequate mastery of the course content and applicable computer skills.

F= you failed to demonstrate a basic understanding of the topics and concepts taught. Work was missing or excessive absences were noted.


Grades are calculated by applying the following point value to each A=10, A-=9, B+=8, B=7, B-=6, C+=5, C=4 C-=3, D+=2, D=1 Then multiplying by the percentage stated above.





Class Participation


Fact Sheet

Learning Center

Web Site
























Total Weighted Grade 9.3 converted Grade: A-


Final grades are calculated by summing the point values and then converted into the following range distribution.


A = 9.5 - 10

C+ = 4.5 - 5.49

A- = 8.5 - 9.49

C = 3.5 - 4.49

B+ = 7.5 - 8.49

C- = 2.5 - 3.49

B = 6.5 - 7.49

D+ = 1.5 - 2.49

B- = 5.5 - 6.49

D- = .5 - 1.49



Other Information


The syllabus is a basic plan as to how I envision the course.  The syllabus and class learning activities are apt to change do to a variety of factures including, but not limited to such factors as class cancellation, new material, student ability and background in technology, etc.


Academic Honesty - Moravian's Academic Honesty Policy will be followed as stated in the Student Handbook. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in failing this course.


Snow days - Listen to the radio or television for information on college closings.


Class Cell phone and Messaging Policy: Students may not text, check email, and/or take phone calls during class.  All cell phone and audible paging, and /or messaging equipment must be deactivated during class.  Checking email, texting, or using any social networking web sites is also prohibited.  Violations will be noted and will have an impact on your final grade.


Students who wish to request accommodations in this class for a disability should contact Elaine Mara, assistant director of learning services for academic and disability support at 1307 Main Street, or by calling 610-861-1510.  Accommodations cannot be provided until authorization is received from the Academic Support Center.


Food and Drink:  Please refrain from eating and drinking during class or while working on the colleges’ computers.


Expected Work Load - For this course, it is expected that you will work between 4 - 6 hours outside of class in preparation and study.


Education Office Hours - Every evening, but Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the education is located on the third floor of the Academic Building. The office is open until 6:00 PM

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