Moravian College

Technology in the Classroom (Ed 240.2)

Fall 2013 - Section Z


Ronald J. Szabo


Class Schedule  (Subject to revision)

October 16



Lesson 1

Introduction to Mac Operating Systems and Network Environments

Blackboard -

Fundamentals of MS Word on a Mac

Formatting Text in a word processor, Clip Art, Spelling Check, Find /Replace


October 21


Lesson 2

Fonts, Text Frames - Creating Graphics using MS Word (Basic, auto-shapes), Tables

Internet: Common internet Terminology

HOMEWORK : Setting up a document using Text Frames

October 23


Lesson 3

Classroom Response Systems

Project Planning _ Technologies for Classroom Usage

Digital Photography - Taking Pictures, uploading images into the computer

Editing Photographs

HOMEWORK : Digital Magic

October 28


Lesson 4

Classroom Response Systems -

Design Fundamentals - Proximity, Alignment, Repetition, and Contrast

Word Graphics (Setting attributes of fill and line, Shadow, 3-D),

Other sources of Graphics (Internet, Clip Art Libraries)

HOMEWORK - Creating an Effective Flyer

October 30


Lesson 5

Warm-up activity

Creating a Fact Sheet - Columns, Linking Text Frames, Word Art

Internet - Searching the Internet -Directory Searches

HOMEWORK: Specialized Search Engines (Due: Lesson 7)

HOMEWORK: Create a Banner for Fact Sheet

HOMEWORK: Fact Sheet (Due Lesson 8)

November 4

Lesson 6

Internet - Searching the Internet -Search Engines Meta Searches

Creating Audio Clips

Importing Audio into documents

November 6

Lesson 7

Creating Effective Presentations

PowerPoint Fundamentals (Screen Snapshot)

Layout View _ Word for Mac

Internet - Specialized Search Engines

HOMEWORK: Presentation - (Due Lesson 11)

November 11

Lesson 8

Original Video, Screen Recording _ Basic video editing

Advanced Features of PowerPoint, Transitions, Animations, Smart Graphics, Word Art)

Thinking Visually

HOMEWORK: PowerPoint on Presenting Information Visually

Fact Sheet Due

November 13


Lesson 9

Advanced Features of PowerPoint _ Adding a narration, Sound and Video across slides, timing a presentation

Planning your Web Site

SeaMonkey _ Configuring SeaMonkey, Handling Text in HTML

OPTIONAL HOMEWORK:  Scoring a PowerPoint Presentation (Submitted on the Network)

November 18

Lesson 10

Recording off Television, Recording from You Tube

PowerPoint- Action Buttons

Internet - Creating a Web page - (Graphics, Backgrounds, Photographs)

November 21

Lesson 11

PowerPoint _ Printing and Saving Options, Combatibility Issues

Web Site Rubric

Internet _ Creating a New Page, Tables, Custom Layouts

HOMEWORK:  Research Curriculum Links

Presentation Due (Submitted on the network)

December 2

Lesson 13

Internet- Internal, external, email Hyper-linking

Inserting Word Documents in Web Pages, Text Wrap in HTML

Web Workshop Design Checklist

Web Workshop

December 4

Lesson 14


Web Workshop




Thanksgiving Recess week of November 25 – December 1 – No Class

ALL assignments should be handed in electronically through Blackboard 1 hour before class, if possible.



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