Moravian College
Technology in the Classroom (ED 240.2)


Mr. R. Szabo, Instructor


Internet Terms


  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • FTP - File Transfer Protocol - Site where programs or data files can be downloaded
  • HTML - Hypertext Markup Language - Used to create Web Pages
  • HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol - Used to locate websites
  • Network - A group of computers that are linked together
  • Newsgroup - site that you can read and post information about a specific topic
  • Server - A computer where files are kept. Servers are used to house common files on a network
  • User Name (Logon name) - Name that identifies you on a computer network
  • URL - Uniform Resource Locator - Consists of a domain name (Where the Webpage is located and a location)
    .com (commercial)
    .edu (educational institution)
    .gov (government)
    .mil (military)
    .net (network
    .org (organization)
  • WWW - world wide web (Internet)


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Updated 8/11/01